Hit Point Sales provides non-exclusive, worldwide sales and distribution services for tabletop games. If you have a game and you want it to be available through online stores and local game stores around the world, we’re happy to help. Unlike traditional game distribution, Hit Point Sales lets you choose the amount of money you want to receive for each unit we sell for you. Take control of your product and let us help you make it a hit!

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If This Is A Crowdfunding Campaign, What is Your Projected Launch Date?
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Ship Naked provides comprehensive logistics solutions and specializes in handling Kickstarter campaigns and tabletop games. They pick up your product from the factory, transport it to depots around the world, receive your product, store it securely, then fulfill your shipments, whether a large volume campaign or ongoing weekly orders.


James Takenaka

James has over 25 years experience in the collectible and tabletop games industry. He started selling at collectibles shows in 1990 and then was a co-owner of the Comix and Cardz Etc. hobby store. In 2001 he co-founded Hero Factory Inc. to produce licensed trading cards and served as a consultant for Bandai America Inc. in the collectible card game market. From 2007-2012 James served as Bandai’s Games Division Sales & Marketing Manager, working with hobby game distributors, overseeing their Organized Play Network and co-creating the Star Trek DBG. James joined Game Salute and Hit Point Sales since March 2012.

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